Other Spaces at Venice Biennale, July 2013 © Mika Elo

OTHER SPACES (also known by the Finnish title Toisissa tiloissa) is a Helsinki based live arts collective, founded in 2004. 

“The group, consisting of around 30 artists from several fields of arts, meets regularly every week, since continuous physical training makes up the core of the collective’s working principles. Even their performances take the form of collective physical exercises, where the audience is invited to take part. Unlike in performances where volunteers are sought from the audience, in the performances of theOther Spaces group the participation does not become a question of overcoming the fear of appearing on a stage. In contrast, the physical exercises strive for undoing the stage as we are used to know it, and letting the performance emerge from the unobtrusive becoming a stage of the world itself. Our very appearing starts to show traits of an unsettling performance, and, in its own innermost strangeness, our human shape and state of being starts to become permeable to other states, shapes and spaces. This metamorphosis is the leitmotiv of the exercises continuously developed by the collective over the years.”(Mika Elo, Catalog of the Finnish expedition Falling Trees, Venice biennale 2013)

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The Falling Buildings -exercise in a town market near Lecco, Italy © Attilio Imrogno

Participatory performance Car Par © Paula Tella

Car Park, a participatory performance where audience is turned into cars © Paula Tella


Reindeer Safari, a participatory wandering performance © Jaakko Ruuska