Alien Art. Humanoid Hypothesis 2

Do I believe in humanoids? Am I a humanoid?

These were questions that were asked last year  at the Helsinki University downtown campus. With exercises designed by Other Spaces, the participants made an attempt to reach the point of view of an extraterrestrial being, human-like but higher. Is it possible to reach such a viewpoint? According to the feedback, it is. Therefore, the Humanoid Hypothesis proposed by the group is valid!

Alien Art. Humanoid Hypothesis 2 takes a look into the direction where the very highest expressions of the evolutionary progress of mankind are found: art. Or is it so? Does art really represent the highest point of our evolutionary progress, or is art rather an obstacle to it? Or is art even relevant to this topic?

A number of works of art descend on the stage of the Kiasma theatre. The performance demonstrates what it feels like to be enchanted by art, and what a work of art would feel. Again, Other Spaces lead the participants to observe human activities from a humanoid perspective.

Where will we find enjoyment when mankind has developed so far that art in its current forms has become obsolete? What could tomorrow’s art be like?

Premiere in Finnish at the Kiasma theatre Friday 22 April 2016, at 18.00.
Other showings in Finnish: Sun 24th at 14 / Wed 27th at 18 / Thu 28th at 18 / Fri 29th at 18
Showing in English: Wed 4th May at 18

THREE EXTRA PERFORMANCES in January 2017 at Kiasma Theatre: Friday 20.1. at 18 / Saturday 21.1. at 14 / Sunday 22.1. at 14. For tickets and more info, see Kiasma Theatre‘s programme!