Bridges without strands

© Paula Tella


Bridges without strands (Avalokiteshvara work-in-progress)

The first part of the project “The Practice of Avalokiteshvara − Bridges without strands”, were presented at 2015 Baltic Circle Festival and it consisted of two morning practices and one open practice.

In Avalokiteshvara the bodies of the participants create slowly changing cosmic configurations. Our challenge is to turn into ’components’, to lesser, simpler and less autonomous beings, so that the configurations they create would surpass the human scales of understanding and perception altogether. The aim of the project is to open, encounter and study a worldless state, where beings have no other support or home than each others´ bodies.

The project is motivated by the current planetary situation, where immigration, disintegration and crush are states common to all of us, transforming and unifying our bodies. What moves all those restless, placeless bodies and keeps them together? According to the working hypothesis of the project, that force is the compassion which can be felt and exercised only after our bodies have become strange enough to one another! The project is named after the Buddha of Compassion whose body is often represented with a countless number of hands, heads and eyes.