Humanoid Hypothesis

Kuva: Kansallisgalleria / Pirje Mykkänen

They are among us!

Humanoids are extraterrestrial beings, which resemble human beings but are evolutionarily much further developed than them. Humanoidhypothesis is a participatory performance project by Other Spaces group, whose aim is to transport us to the point of view of humanoids!

According to the ‘hypothesis’ of the group, being a humanoid is a modern experience of which every one of us has both cultural and personal understanding. We ‘know’ how humanoids look like, what they think and what they do, regardless of whether we believe in their existence or not. As much as humanoids contribute to our everyday experience, we have – perhaps unnoticed – become ‘them’. The project encourages everyone to get acquainted with her inner alien!

The performance starts by a ‘humanoid training’, during which the participants get introduced to the humanoid life and learn to recognize the humanoid in others and themselves through a series of simple exercises. The trained humanoids will accomplish a 45 minute long expedition in the urban surroundings. Since the transformation is invisible, it allows the participants to observe their surroundings and the behavior of human beings without anybody noticing. After returning back to the human form it´s time to share experiences of each one´s humanoid experience.

Humanoidhypothesis constitutes a practical contribution to the contemporary discussion on ‘post-humanism’. Transformation of humankind is an affair to which we all participate all the time.

The first series of performances was organized in February 2015 at the Helsinki University Campus. The humanoids continued their mission at Kiasma Theatre in April-May 2016!