Panpsychic sessions I & II

In theses sessions, we study together the question of ‘panpsychism’, the idea according to which every entity in universe has mental properties or has an experience. Until our days, panpsychism has been a philosophical doctrine or religious idea that many thinkers and individuals have supported, but which has had no real status in the Western worldview or ethics. However, the recent post-humanist discussions – related to new-materialism, speculative realism, object-oriented-ontology – have given to that idea a new actuality. The question repeatedly raised in the context of animal ethics concerning the “animal mind” is but the first step towards a more general transformation concerning the limits of consciousness.

In Panpsychic Sessions Other Spaces –group will gather its various exercises around this question in order to shift it onto another level: How can panpsychism be proved in and through action, i.e. practiced? What kind of consequences will it have for our understanding of ourselves and each other, and how can this understanding change our individual and social behaviour, our everyday existence? In which ways could panpsychism be a way to escape “globalisation” and to become really planetary?

Session 1: Laboratory of Panpsychism

The group members will teach Other Spaces exercises to people in a workshop, whose duration can vary from 3 to 8 hours. The participants are instructed to create exercises of their own. Work is accompanied by facilitated discussions concerning the significance of panpsychism. The workshop ends by a public demonstration, where the non-human entities burst into speech.

Session 2: Panpsychic Parlament

In this participatory event, we start to speak in non-human tongues! In the first part of the exercise, the participants of the public listen to a simultaneous and polyphonic lecture on the wild life of the region, as well as on its geographic and demographic history. The lecturers are the local experts of their topic area. The lecture is followed by a part, where the participants form a polyphonic and simultaneous talking chorus, where every one speaks simultaneously from the point of view of some non-human agent while listening each other. The session starts by a short presentation by Other Spaces group on the topic and it is followed by an inter-human discussion on non-human relations. Duration: 1 h 30 min.