Secret Retraining Camp

Secret Retraining Camp is a public workshop focusing on practices that broaden and alter:

I our accustomed sense of ourselves
II our accustomed sense of each other
III our relationship to the universe as a whole.

The exercises are easy and suited to individuals of all ages and fitness levels. The duration of The Secret Retraining Camp is from four to fifteen hours i.e. from one to two days, or over a weekend. One workshop welcomes 8-20 participants.

Secret Retraining Camp is an effort to revive the idea of public aesthetic education by simulating the most infamous forms of political manipulation. A group of voluntarily enrolled spectators is sequestered in a secret place at the outskirts of the city, over a day or a weekend, and they are re-educated by means of exercises created and taught by the collective.

The camp aims to change both the educators and the spectators together by simplifying our common mode of being, in order to make it correspond better to the social and ecological needs of the future. Anonymity, materiality, mere living, solitude and scarcity are not merely qualities of the alienated, oppressed or poor — but they are also ecstatic, shareable modes of being through which we can access our right as free beings. The secrets into which people are initiated during the camp are simple but inalienable!