Wolf Safari

The Wolf Safari is a participatory wandering performance created by the Other Spaces collective.

What is it like to be wild? The wildness of a wolf is either nobel or dangerous, depending on our point of view. In some people wolf evokes fear, in others sympathy. It is an animal laden with mythology and therefore understanding the rhyme and reason of its actions is not always easy for us, the humans. In Wolf Safari we learn to look at wolf life with new eyes – those of the wolf itself!

Wolf Safari is an extended collective exercise in which the participants encounter each other as wolves at night in an urban environment. The transformation is based on a simple set of behavioral patterns borrowed from wolves and adapted for humans. The participants howl in the night, search each other, create a pack and go for hunting an animal of pray…

Welcome to the Wild Side!

Other Spaces: Wolf Safari – trailer 3 min from Eskus on Vimeo.

The Wolf Safari premiered on 16.-18.10.2014 at the Urban Species / NORDWIND -festival in Hamburg, Germany. Prior to its premiere the performance concept was tried out in a demo safari in Helsinki on 15.3.2014. Since then, Wolf Safari has been performed in Italy at Il Giardino delle Esperidi -festival on 16.7.2016, in Finland (Helsinki, Lahti, Vantaa) in October–November 2016 and English speaking version of Wolf Safari 18.11.2016 to Baltic Circle -festival. In August 2017 Wolf Safari visited St. Petersburg.  Wolf Safari premieres in Denmark during the Aarhus 2017-festival Little Rebellions in August 2017, before venturing to Copenhagen Dansehallerne