Alte Oper Frankfurt / © Achim Reissner

Other Spaces is a Live Art collective whose work is based on collective corporeal exercises that allow visiting nonhuman forms of experience and being.


”Sorry but I’m not from here!”
Welcome to the legendary TRIPIT! -exercise festival in Zoom on Tuesday 15th of June from 5pm till 7pm (EET).

Sign up for the Exercise Festival by email to [email protected] by Monday 14th of June.

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Kuva / photo: Paula Tella

Minja Mertanen and Esa Kirkkopelto from Other Spaces will give a workshop together with the Brussels-based artist Kate McIntosh during Wiener Festwochen in September.

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Kuva / picture: Laura Jantunen

The Percent for Art project Rhizome continues in collaboration with HAM Helsinki Art Museum and the Tehtaankatu primary school!

Read Dance Info Finland’s article on the Rhizome project.

Kuva / picture: Petri Siikanen

Collection of Imaginary Beings German premiere takes place in autumn 2021 at Kampnagel, Hamburg.

Kuva / picture: Hieronymus Bosch

In the Collection of imaginary beings video piece (in Finnish) we explain how to do the “Find your own creature” excercise at home or in some other place you like! It is part of the Poikkeus-Tila-Taide series at TEHDAS Teatteri.

Puiden jälkiä (Traces of Trees), an eulogy for the trees cut down on Tokoinranta in 2017, written by Eeva Kemppi on the pages.

Thank you for all the participants of the Reconnections events and performances!
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Kuva / photo : Jaakko Ruuska

On 20.6. at 11 am – 6 pm at Hietsun Paviljonki and its surroundings in Helsinki.

DISCONNECTED SPACE is a research event in the form of a playful, participatory performance, that studies the possibility for intercorporality in the pandemic situation. The research event takes place in an urban space in English. 

Read more from Uniarts websites and sign up to the event.

Kuva / picture: Jaakko Ruuska

The nocturnal wandering performance Wolf Safari visits Jyväskylän kesä -festival on Saturday 10.7.

The Wolf Safari is performed in Finnish at the Festival. 

Wolf Safari is an extended collective exercise in which the participants encounter each other as wolves at night in an urban environment.

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Kuva / picture: Paula Tella

Humanoidihypoteesi-työpajat Jyväskylän Taidemuseossa siirtyvät tämänhetkisen tiedon mukaan syyskaudelle 2021. Tiedotamme uusista työpajojen ajankohdista pian!

Kuva / picture: Kansallisgalleria / Pirje Mykkänen

Below, Anna Keränen from Radio Suomi interviews Other Spaces member Minja Mertanen who tells about Other Spaces and the 17th May 2020 TRIPIT! (In Finnish)

Kati Korosuo visited IPAY-conference, Philadelphia in January 2020 to represent Great Barrier reef -performance. Read Kati’s thoughts about the visit in Dancesinfo’s websites.!

Kuva / photo: Jeremy Bengts

Riikka Niemelä’s  doctoral dissertation Performative Traces. Artwork and Record in Performance-based Media Art, can be read at the University of Turku. One of the performances examined by Riikka in her research is Wolf Safari by the Other Spaces collective!

The dissertation can be read online.

Listen to the radio documentary by Hanna-Mari Kuivalainen, Ylimääräinen pää (Additional head) about the Humanoid Hypothesis on Yle Areena! Duration 30 minutes.

The Art of Metamorphosis − Other Spaces, an article on Other Spaces, by Jaakko Ruuska, on pages 43 – 45 of the TINFO News magazine!