Alte Oper Frankfurt / © Achim Reissner

Other Spaces is a Live Art collective whose work is based on collective corporeal exercises that allow visiting nonhuman forms of experience and being.


The OPEN CALL for the Workshop on Non-Human Acting, 25–30 March 2019, has ended.

Posthuman Theatre is an experimental performance project organised in collaboration between LUST Association and the Other Spaces Live Art collective during the year 2019. The call for applications opened on 14 Jan 2019 and closed on 17 Feb.

Kuva / picture: Arnoldus Montanus

GREAT BARRIER REEF at the Hurraa festival, at Stoa, 11 AM on the 16th and 24th March.

The shows are free but you need to book in advance by 13th March, at [email protected].

Kuva / photo: Johanna Huiskonen

Kuva / photo : Jaakko Ruuska


Operation Snowflake is not organized in 2019. Due to unstable ice conditions it can’t be performed safely.

Kuva / photo: Pasi Kirkkopelto

Listen to the radio documentary by Hanna-Mari Kuivalainen, Ylimääräinen pää (Additional head) about the Humanoid Hypothesis on Yle Areena! Duration 30 minutes.

The Art of Metamorphosis − Other Spaces, an article on Other Spaces, by Jaakko Ruuska, on pages 43 – 45 of the TINFO News magazine!

Puiden jälkiä (Traces of Trees), an eulogy for the trees cut down on Tokoinranta in 2017, written by Eeva Kemppi on the pages.

Exercise festival TRIPIT! coming soon!

Kuva / photo: Paula Tella