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Car Park is a performance that takes place literally in a space reserved for cars, in an underground parking lot near the centre of the city. A space that is mostly used only for the purpose of exiting it is transformed into a subject of shared exploration. A parking lot is a space for people’s cars, not for the car owners themselves. What happens if the cars are replaced by humans? What if the rush to exit the space could be replaced with easy lingering? What will be revealed, and how does it alter our relationships to other people?

The Other Spaces group makes performances investigating collective metamorphosis. This time the subject for metamorphosis is a car. Instead of admiring or hating cars as creatures that fill our world, the starting point is to recognize the fact that the modern human is a motorist. Car Park aims to draw out that person – the car person – on his or her own terms, to tell the wisdom they inherit.


Driving school: gathering and instructions outside the car park, learning the techniques of being a car person

Parking: moving into the car park and transformation into a car person

Waiting: studying the car park from a car’s point of view

Amusement: variations of being a car person

Car exhibition: returning to human form.

During the performance the audience will stand or sit together, according to guidance from the artists. The performance is suitable for all ages and all physical conditions. There will be no exposure to exhaust gas, loud effects or dazzling lights.


Mirjam Tahkokorpi: Haminan moottoritiellä hurjastelee pian ihmisautoja, Yle 2.4.2014.

Car park was performed also at the Hamina bypass construction zone 18.5.2014, as a version called Motorway is Ours! Other Spaces organized the event in cooperation with the city of Hamina and the Finnish Transportation Agency. A length of highway was occupied in a collective running event. At the event the participants also realised a collective rock painting. The painting can still be partly seen.
Photo Simo ValjakkaPhoto Simo ValjakkaPhoto Simo Valjakka


Planning & creation: Toisissa tiloissa / Other Spaces

Performers: Antti Halonen, Eeva Kemppi, Esa Kirkkopelto, Lauri Kontula, Arttu Kurttila, Anton Krylov, Pyry Kääriä, Minja Mertanen, Jaana Taskinen and Paula Tella

Lighting design: Janne Björklöf

Sound design: Johannes Vartola

Videographer: Jaakko Ruuska

Video editing: Sanni Priha

Producer: Lauri Kontula

Produduction Coordinator: Arttu Kurttila


Lauri Kontula (Producer, director)
Instructors: Outi Condit, Antti Halonen, Timo Jokitalo, Kaisa-Liisa Logrén, Eeva Kemppi, Minja Mertanen, Anu Nirkko, Irma Optimisti (instruction of the collective rock painting work), Riikka Takala, Paula Tella, Veera Turunen, Ville Vainio (film) and Johannes Vartola (sound).


Car Park premiered 2.8.2013, other showings 3.8. and 4.8.2013, all part of the URB festival.

Motorway is Ours! was realised 18.5.2014 on the Hamina bypass construction zone.

Motorway is Ours! video work 19.9.2015 at the Valojen Yö event, Hamina.

Motorway is Ours! video work at the Hamina bypass inauguration 10.11.2014.

Auto-Ihminen performance and two Motorway is Ours! video projections 3.12.2015 at the opening of the Mutkat suoriksi exhibition, at Merikeskus Vellamo, Kotka.

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Car Park was supported by Kone Foundation and Kiasma Theatre. The performance was realised in cooperation with URB Festival and Q-Park.

Motorway is Ours! was supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation. Other Spaces organised the event in cooperation with the City of Hamina and the Finnish Transport Agency.

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