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There are no limits to our imagination, so come and explore the weird and wonderful creatures inhabiting your mind! Collection of Imaginary Beings is the newest work by the Finnish Other Spaces Live Art Collective, premiering at the Turku Main Library in April 2020. The performance opens the door to a world of creatures living in the imagination. The performance happens in the library, a place where past, present and future generations coexist and live side by side. Through easy exercises that are suitable for everyone, imaginary beings come to life in the corridors of the library. The performance invites people of different ages to get to know their imaginary creatures and share them with each other. The participatory event consists of the “School of Imaginary Beings” workshop, a lunch break, and a visit to the library. In the workshop we get to know non-human imagined beings and learn how to embody them together. After the lunch break, the visit the library lets you look at the familiar environment from a completely new perspective!


Premiere at the Turku Main Library in April 2020, in collaboration with TEHDAS Theatre. Performances on 26.4., 2.5., 3.5. and 9.5. Get your tickets here!

German premiere at Kampnagel, Hamburg in May 2020. Performances on 30.5. and 31.5.

You can come to the performance alone or with your family, grandparents, godparents, friends, neighbors, or someone else close to you. The world of the imaginary beings welcomes adults of all ages and children aged 6 and above. Below 10, accompanied by an adult.

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Collection of Imaginary Beings is a coproduction of the Other Spaces collective, Kampnagel and TEHDAS Theatre.


Eeva Kemppi, Jussi Lankoski, Kaisa-Liisa Logrén, Minja Mertanen and Jaakko Ruuska.

Other Spaces production: Working group and Jenni Kokkomäki.


Collection of Imaginary Beings continues the transgenerational work of the Other Spaces collective. Great Barrier Reef premiered in Hamburg and Kuntula in the spring 2018.

Photo Petri Summanen