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The endless depths of our imagination are inhabited by the weird and wonderful creatures. It is a home to the fantastic beings of our playful mind. These beings take shape on the boundaries of our senses, feeding from our frights and dreams.

The participatory workshop-performance opens the door to a space, where the creatures of past, present, and future generations can get together. The performance invites people from
6-years-olds and above to imagine together and share their imaginations during the event, that takes place in museums or libraries.

Through physical exercises that are suitable for everyone, imaginary beings come to life as our embodied experiences. The participatory event begins with the Introductory Lecture about Imaginary Beings. The participants learn about different subtypes of imaginary beings such as fairy tale creatures, political monsters, mythic deities, and species that are extinct.

In the School of Imaginary Beings workshop the participants are introduced to the techniques of Other Spaces collective, and they learn to embody imaginary creatures in various ways. The workshop is held in a studio room. During the Individual Journey of Discovery the participants learn to catch imaginary beings, that hide in the corners of the library or the museum.

In the Final Exercise the participants will return to the studio, where they get to embody the imaginary being of each other’s dreams, and they can see their imaginary creatures being embodied. The Final Discussion offers the participants a possibility to share their experiences.


In the Collection of imaginary beings video piece (in Finnish) we explain how to do the “Find your own creature” excercise at home or in some other place you like! It is part of the Poikkeus-Tila-Taide series at TEHDAS Teatteri.

The exercise is part of the Collection of Imaginary Beings performance.


Annina Karhu: Toisissa tiloissa -kollektiivi johdattaa osallistujat tutkimaan kuvitteellisia olentoja pääkirjaston uumeniin, Turun Sanomat 5.9.2020.

Frida Maria Pessi: Hirviöksi muuttuminen rentouttaa, Turun Sanomat 8.9.2020.

Sari Havukainen: Monstrous but safe, TINFO 3.9.2020.

Jaakko Virrankoski: Kuvitteelliset olennot aktivoivat mielikuvituksen uumenet, Teatteri&Tanssi+Sirkus 6-7/2020.


Collection of Imaginary Beings German premiere at Kampnagel, Hamburg on 9.-10. of October 2021.

You can come to the performance alone or with your family, grandparents, godparents, friends, neighbors, or someone else close to you. The world of the imaginary beings welcomes adults of all ages and children aged 6 and above. Below 10, accompanied by an adult.

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Collection of Imaginary Beings is co-produced by Other Spaces -collective, Kampnagel and TEHDAS Theatre.


Eeva Kemppi, Kaisa-Liisa Logrén, Minja Mertanen and Jaakko Ruuska. In planning and preparation also Jussi Lankoski.

Other Spaces production: Working group and Jenni Kokkomäki.


Collection of Imaginary Beings premiere 6.9.2020 as part of TEHDAS Theatre’s and New Performance Turku Festival’s programme at the Turku Main Library. Other performances on 12. and 13.9. as well as 4.10.

Collection of Imaginary Beings school performances on 15. and 28.9.2020 at the Turku Main Library.

Collection of Imaginary Beings continues the transgenerational work of the Other Spaces collective. Great Barrier Reef premiered in Hamburg and Kuntula in the spring 2018.

Photo Jenni Kokkomäki
Photo Jenni Kokkomäki
Photo Jaakko Ruuska
Photo Jaakko Ruuska
Photo Jenni Kokkomäki
Photo Jaakko Ruuska
Photo Jaakko Ruuska
Photo Jaakko Ruuska
Photo Jaakko Ruuska
Photo Jaakko Ruuska
Photo Jenni Kokkomäki