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Posthuman Theatre is an experimental performance project organised in collaboration between LUST Association and the Other Spaces Live Art collective during the year 2019. The facilitator of the project is Esa Kirkkopelto, performing artist, philosopher and the founding member of the Other Spaces collective.

The aim of the project is to develop the idea of the non-human acting in practice: how is it possible, what does it require from a performer and what kind of theatre will it produce? The topic and its mode of implementation correspond to the ethical and ecological challenges performing arts face today. The project is motivated by a view according to which performing arts should shift towards a less anthropocentric direction and take place in the future between different kinds of bodies, phenomena and creatures. Before non-human theatre becomes possible, one has to solve a series of problems, the most fundamental of them being the physical limits of the human body as well as the anthropomorphism which tends to dominate our imagination. Non-human acting requires new kinds of body techniques, new kind of corporeal thinking and dramaturgy. The project aims at inventing, developing and demonstrating these kinds of means.

The project – addressed to the professionals in performing arts, actors, dancers and performance artists – started by a 6-day-long workshop on 25–30 March.

Continuation of the project: On the basis of the workshop 8 participants were selected who will take charge of the continuation of the project. It includes a workshop organised in November at the Kiasma Theatre. The outcomes of the project will be demonstrated in connection to the workshop at Kiasma.

LUST association is a non-profit organization working to develop the professional theatre field in Finland through the Swedish-language theatre.


Workshop on Non-Human Acting: 2nd Edition

Thanks to the success of the first edition, the Workshop on Non-Human Acting will be organised again in June! The call for applications has closed on 5 May.

The 5-day-long workshop on 24–28 June (Mon-Fri 17–21) is addressed to the professionals in performing arts, actors, dancers and performance artists. The workshop is free of charge and it will take place partly at Performance Centre Eskus (Suvilahti) partly elsewhere in Helsinki.

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Posthuman Theatre is realised as a cooperation of the Other Spaces collective and Lust ry. The production is supported by The Finnish Cultural Foundation and Kiasma Theatre.

Picture Arnoldus Montanus