Photo Paula Tella

At the TRIPIT! exercise festival we  perform some of our trippiest exercises together with the audience.

Since 2004 Other Spaces has invented a large amount of collective corporeal transformation exercises. These exercises are a means to come into contact with non-human forms, entities and phenomena. They are an enjoyable way to be liberated from the human shape and identity, at least momentarily.

The first TRIPIT! Festival was organised in May 2017. Spurred by the enthusiastic reception, in 2018 and 2019 we organised TRIPIT! twice each year, and the festival has become an important part of our yearly operations.

TRIPIT! is a day long event, where you can come and go at any time.


TRIPIT! OTHER SPACES EXERCISE FESTIVAL next time in the autumn 2020!
You can try the exercises of the distanced TRIPIT from Sunday 17th May via Facebook!

Are you interested in joining the Other Spaces collective? TRIPIT is the place to be! At the exercise festival you can try out the exercises and practices of the group and meet our members.

Photo Jenni Kokkomäki
Photo Jenni Kokkomäki
Photo Jenni Kokkomäki
Photo Jenni Kokkomäki
Photo Jenni Kokkomäki