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The first workshop project by Other Spaces was the popular Secret Retraining Camp, first organised in 2009. Since then, Other Spaces has developed and realised several different workshop concepts, for adults and children, schools and universities, in Finland and elsewhere, in conjunction with performances and events, and often “just like that”.

An important principle regarding Other Spaces exercises is that anyone can do it, regardless of previous experience or background. (Disregarding some advanced level exercises and techniques that are more involved.)  A priori, one can’t do an Other Spaces exercise correctly or incorrectly. Every interpretation of an exercise is valuable! Other Spaces workshops consist of exercises that the collective has developed over the years. Currently there are well over a hundred exercises. The group regularly invents new exercises in its weekly rehearsal sessions, and also thematically for different applications.

The performances of the collective are based on these exercises, and many of the group’s performances include a workshop part. Doing Other Spaces exercises is enjoyable, fun, and opens up new points of view, so there is no need to hesitate! Besides workshops and participatory performances, you can try out the exercises of the group at the regular TRIPIT! exercise festivals!

Other Spaces workshops are suitable for everyone, regardless of age, shape or physical condition. Previous experience is not required. The workshops’ content and intensity can be adjusted according to the participants, and the pedagogical content can be adapted to fit the participants’ background. Workshops can also be held as a series, so that participants can also get immersed more deeply into Other Spaces work and the more challenging Other Spaces exercises.


Eeva Kauppinen, Salainen uudelleenkoulutus. Nyt. (“Secret Retraining. Now.”), Kaleva, 31.7.2009.


Other Spaces workshops are suitable for everyone, regardless of age, shape or physical condition. Previous experience is not required.  Workshops can be of different durations, from about three hours to a full day.

The exercises in the workshops are an enjoyable, easy and pleasant way to be temporarily detached from the human form and identity. We can adjust and tune the content of our workshops to a large variety of themes.


Don’t hesitate to contact us and book your own workshop!


The first workshop project by the Other Spaces was the popular Secret Retraining Camp, first organised in 2009. Since then, in years 2009-2014, the Secret Retraining Camps have been organised in numerous places, including Helsinki, Tampere, Hailuoto, Pori, St. Petersburg (Russia), Amman (Jordania), Lecco (Italy) and Aarhus (Denmark).

Photo: Jenni Kokkomäki

Photo: Jenni Kokkomäki

Photo: Jenni Kokkomäki

Photo: Jenni Kokkomäki

Photo: Jenni Kokkomäki


On the Experiences of Worms and Fungal Mycelium -workshop participants visits the experiences and perspectives of worm and fungal mycelium to seek a new understanding of underground activities. The exercises of the workshop are suitable for participants of all ages, regardless of their background.

Duration 45min-2h.
Maximum amount of participants 20

Planning and execution: Maarit Myllynen, Anu Nirkko and Helena Ratinen.

Premiered on 3.9.2022 in cooperation with Humus Symposium -project.

PERFORMED AT: 30.10.2023 Cultural Education Forum, Töölö Library, Helsinki. 8.12.2022 COEVOLVERS kickoff Turku. 3.9.2022 Humus Symposium Keuruu Eco Village.

Photo Mikko Tuononen / Humus Symposium 2022


Visiting Other Spaces -course at Helsinki Uniarts Theatre Academy on 21.-25.11.2022.

Other Spaces -workshop together with artist Kate McIntosh at Wiener Festwochen, Austria.

Other Spaces workshops on various themes have been organised in many places over the years, including Aalto University, EMMA Espoo Museum of Modern Art, Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova museum of history and modern art, Helsinki Adult Education Centre, Korkeasaari zoo, Mad House Helsinki Festival, children’s market at Korjaamo, Annantalo, Skogen residence at Gothenburg, Aarhus University in Denmark and Hamburg for the pupils of Winterhuder Reformschule.


Everyone goes to the store, everyone buys, consumes, and encounters consumption in various environments. Market is a hyper mundane dive into the experiences of consumption on a micro-level.

The presentation consists of simple collaborative physical exercises and the Market space that we create based on these exercises. In this way, Market provides a visitation in shopping, without the actual commercial environment, thus inviting everyone to experience everyday activities in a new way. 

Duration 45 min
Maximum amount of participants 20

Planning and execution: Hanna Heino ja Mikko Ensio Lehtonen.

Premiere 26.8.2023 at Esitysteltta (Performance tent, Töölö, Helsinki.

Photo Mikko Ensio Lehtonen