Great Barrier Reef

Photo: Antti Halonen

Great Barrier Reef is a transgenerational participatory performance by the Other Spaces collective. In the performance, a group of adult and child participants of all ages together form a living and constantly changing bodily construction, a large human coral reef. The bodies of the participants are in a constant state of metamorphosis: they will at times be part of the reef, at times different kinds of creatures living within the reef, and at times divers examining the reef. This collective corporeal play will create a social sculpture or choreagraphy in the performance space, in which the roles of children and adults mix in imaginative ways. The participants are simultaneously the viewers as well as the authors of the performance, they form and create the performance for themselves.

On the following day the performance is accompanied by an underwater manifestation in the streets of the city.

Great Barrier Reef premieres in 2018 in Finland and in Germany:
The Helsinki premiere on the 21st of April at 11h at the Kontula Electronic -festival, and the underwater manifestation on the 22nd of April at 15h in Kontula.
The Hamburg premiere on the 26th and 27th of May at Dangerous Minds -festival in Kampnagel, and the underwater manifestation on the 28th of May in the streets of Hamburg.

Working group: Eeva Kemppi, Kati Korosuo, Kaisa-Liisa Logrén, Sanni Priha and lighting designer Janne Björklöf.
Concept: Esa Kirkkopelto, the working group and other Other Spaces members involved in creating the Great Barrier Reef.
Sound design & music in Kontula: Esa Ruoho / Lackluster.
Sound design & music in Hamburg: Richard von der Schulenburg.
Set design: Annika Saloranta.
Other Spaces production team: Working group and Jenni Kokkomäki.
Great Barrier Reef is a co-production of Other Spaces and Kampnagel. The Helsinki premiere is organized in collaboration with Mad House Helsinki and Kontula Electronic.
As part of the festival »Dangerous Minds« GREAT BARRIER REEF is supported by Elbkulturfonds (Kulturbehörde Hamburg), Finnland Institut and TINFO.