Reindeer Safari

Reindeer Safari is a collective wayfaring performance for 20-100 participants in three phases:

I Reindeer Introduction
an instruction of three hours about reindeer
II Reindeer Safari
the wayfaring of several hours in semi-urban landscape
III Reindeer Round Up
discussion about experiences

The performance is intended to take place in a semi-urban landscape where authentic reindeer might also visit. The participants of Reindeer Safari form a herd, which moves according the natural rules that correspond to the group behavior of reindeer. The herd decides autonomously on its itinerary and the rhythm of its wayfaring. For example, one of the rules is that the participants are not aloud to chat – reindeer are very quiet animals, and they utter sounds only to inform the herd when extremely threatened.

The activities of a reindeer herd can be roughly divided into two different periods: wayfaring and pasturing. Food is provided for participants on natural pasturing rests. While wayfaring the reindeer always seeks the most flat and easy route. When reindeer are in peaceful area they often co-operate in an admirable discipline. The reindeer drift generally in a queue, silently and without attracting any attention, leaving only narrow paths behind.

The members of the organizing group survey the wayfaring, document it, and take care of the needs of participants. The goal is to restore the urban landscape to a state of nature by observing it from the point of view of a semi-domestic, semi-wild herd animal – a reindeer. The transition from human experience into reindeer experience is acquired step-by-step.

Read Lotus Lykke’s article “My Neigbourhood from a Reindeer Perspective” (pdf)